Call for presentations

Do you have something you want to share? A controversial idea, an interesting experience or something you have learnt lately? Submit your abstract before the end of 1 November and get a chance to be part of a great team of speakers at Booster 2019.

What are we looking for?

Long ago we decided not to fill Booster with talks. We want you to come back to work after the conference with fresh ideas and real knowledge you can use, and we believe that happens when you get fired up about new ideas, and get a chance to work deeply with them.


The main part of the conference is dedicated to workshop sessions, to really get down'n'dirty and pick up new skills. Workshops are interactive and hands-on, and focused on learning by doing. Workshops can be 1.5 hrs or 3 hrs long, depending on the amount of material you want to cover, and how much time participants will need for exercises. If a workshop sounds a bit daunting, let us know and we can help you get there.

Lightning talks

The second big part of the conferece is the sessions with 10 minute long lightning talks. Lightning talks are a great way to convey an insight, suggest an idea, or share your enthusiasm about a particular technology or method. Lightning talks are usually well-rehearsed, focused on a single thing and packed with useful information.

Short talks

Finally, we have only eight slots for what we call short talks, a 30 minute exploration of a subject. We want short talks to tell us a story - your story. The story of how you, created, tested, experienced or did something - alone or with a team. If you are not telling a story - a story that is complex and compelling enough to listen to for 30 minutes - please submit a lightning talk of bite sized knowledge, or a workshop for an in-depth tech dive. We get a lot of submissions for the short talk slots, and we want to fill them with good stories. So please submit yours!


These are some of the topics the committee have in mind for this year's conference, but do not feel constrained by them. We would like you to send in an abstract about any (IT-related) topic you really care about! Your audience will probably be developers, architects, testers/test managers and/or project managers, but you will not have to cater to all audiences at once.

What's in it for me?

We are not able to cover travel and accommodation for all speakers. However, if monetary concerns makes it difficult for you to present at Booster, you should apply for reimbursement when submitting your proposal. Our monetary policy has all the details.


Please note that if your talk gets accepted we will:

If you have any questions about your data and how and why we keep it, please reach out to us at

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