AR and AI: a match made in heaven

J. Rosenbaum

Short talk - in English

We begin with a story, the story of how I went from a painter to an artist working in the latest technologies. I will discuss how I fell into this line of research in my masters and how I am hooked on it now. I will provide practical knowledge about developing AR applications, using Machine learning and marrying the two together. I will explore web GL and new mobile versions of machine learning frameworks and how they relate to modes of mixed reality.
I will discuss my journey to bridge the digital world and the physical world with my Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence based artworks and demonstrate artworks made by other artists working in AR and AI while discussing the technologies involved and the impact they will have on development, art and the way we view the world.
the story of how I came to be where I am today
- a developer and an artist? how does that even work?
- my masters degree
Mixed Reality
- definitions
- Augmented Reality and platforms for development
- Virtual Reality and platforms for development
- Web GL
Machine Learning based art
- a quick introduction to the technologies used to create art
- different kinds of Generative Adversarial Networks
- ML4JS, tensorflow lite and other options for live mobile based ML
A United Front: bringing AI and AR together
- why?
- what purpose does it serve?
- How? different tools to show AI based art in mixed reality formats
- bridging the digital and physical realms
- what it means for art and artistic development
- other applications