What Advertising Can Teach You About Design Strategy

Priya Noel

Lightning talk - in English

From TV, to Spotify, to Facebook, advertisements are basically unavoidable. And its no surprise. Over 190 billion dollars are invested in advertising alone, brands trying to make a connection with consumers. How do they make that connection in a finite amount of time? Believe it or not a lot of design, testing and strategy is at the core of that :30 second commercial, that banner ad, even that promotional email.  So what can commercials teach you about UX?
In this fun and interactive session, we'll review successful ad campaigns, the strategy tactics that made crucial connections with users, and how you can leverage those tactics for the User Experience. Specific examples from the three C's of marketing strategy will be shared:
Consumer: Uncovering consumer insights
Competition: Finding the competitive white space 
Company: Leveraging your company's greatest asset