Alchemical Code Rejuvenation

Uberto Barbini

Half-day workshop - in English

Did you ever been in a position where you need to significantly change old legacy code, without tests and without documentation?
People love to complain about their legacy systems, but legacys usually are successful systems which deliver real value to business, and this is definitely a good thing.
The usual approach to legacy pain is to try to avoid touching it. I think we can do better than this: instead of frozen it or rewrite it, we can split it in modules and then rejuvenate it one at the time.
This is live explanation to show some original techniques to rejuvenate efficiently big code bases which I used while working in investment banks. The goal is to be able to work in a TDD fashion on big legacy application without risky rewrites or big refactoring. Instead we will see how to separate and disentangle small bits of code at time.
Like an alchemist we will rejuvenate our code base!
We will present a messy code base and show ACR technique to make the team visualize together the best path of action using post-it on whiteboard and then clean up the code following simple rules and automatic refactoring.
We also address some of the most common reactions to these techniques from colleagues and managers.
We hope to make you love legacy again.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: Yes, pairing is also fine.