🦈 Diving into CMake

Adam Fyllingen

Short workshop - in English

Have you ever found yourself maintaining a project with separate solution/make files for each platform? Perhaps even separate build instructions for each ABI? Have you ever dreamed of consolidating all the different build rules into a platform/compiler/IDE agnostic set of build rules?

Allow me to introduce CMake; the platform and compiler independent build system generator! CMake is quickly becoming a de-facto industry standard for both new and old C/C++ projects, often praised for its scalability - all while maintaining a readable build structure. It’s the perfect tool for both those who need to maintain large and/or complex systems, and those who simply prefer to keep their options open.

Join me, as we leave outdated solution/make files in the dust and dive into the wonderful world of modern CMake! We'll start off with building a simple project, before plunging straight towards more advanced waters with questions such as: “How do convert my own project into utilizing CMake?” and “What if I need to import a project that wasn't built with CMake?” But watch out, there are sharks in these waters! So we’ll also look into cases where CMake is gnarly, but still workable - all while assuring a simple and modular build architecture across multiple compilers/platforms!

Primarily for: Developers, Architects, Others

Participant requirements: Computer with CMake and your favorite C/C++ Compiler installed. You can bring your own C/C++ project, but this is not a requirement.