Introducing G#, a graphical approach to functional programming

Rickard Nilsson

Lightning talk - in English

In the world of digital transformation, bridging the gap between business and engineering is vital to increase speed and agility. Recently, a new visual language called G# was announced at Jönköping University with this in mind.

Most modern development methodologies are about increasing flow and minimizing waste. A very important part of this is the translation of business needs to technical requirements. G# attempts to make it as easy as possible for the business to visualize what they need, and at the same time automatically produce technical correct and executable artifacts.

G# is as graphical approach to functional programming that can be used by non-developers to simplify development of new tools and services. Compared to existing low-code platforms, G# is more generic and user friendly and can be run inside any .Net, Java or JavaScript application.

The work has been done in collaboration with EVRY and G# is already successfully implemented in the EVRY Self-service portal.