Write better React with ReasonML

David Kopal

Short talk - in English

Do you want to write better React? In that case, you shouldn’t use it with JavaScript. Why? Because JavaScript isn't compatible with React's core principles, meaning you need to mimic them using many external libraries. Fortunately, Reason is here and ready to help you out through writing safer and cleaner React code, thanks to its type system which is superior to TypeScript and Flow. You'll need much less dependencies and you get less complexity regarding the choices you need to make because React's core features are built-in in Reason. This means you'll get the type system, immutability and functional programming out of the box. Due to its syntax similarity with JavaScript and its integration with the JavaScript ecosystem, it’ll be easier for you to start building apps using Reason.

Join me, and see for yourself how natural writing your React code in Reason is as we'll build such app. In doing so, you’ll learn Reason’s core principles as well.

You’ll get the most out of this session if you’ve programmed in React before.