Integrate ReasonML seamlessly into your React codebase

David Kopal

Short talk - in English

Do you want to jump on the ReasonML train but don't want to start from scratch? Well, you don't have to, since you can utilize your React knowledge thanks to the ReasonReact library and learn Reason itself as you develop. You can start by integrating Reason into your existing React codebase incrementally by gradually adding ReasonReact components. This is what Facebook did with Messenger. As a result, you'll need much less dependencies and you get less complexity regarding the choices you need to make, since React's core features are built into Reason. So, you'll get the type system, immutability and functional programming out of the box.

Join me, and see for yourself how natural writing React code in Reason is, and how you could incorporate it into your existing React codebase. In doing so, you’ll learn Reason’s core principles as well.

You’ll get the most out of this session if you’ve programmed in React before.