Java module system in practice

Bjørn Hamre

Half-day workshop - in English

In this workshop you will learn about the new (since Java 9) Java Platform Module System (JPMS), the benefits of using it to modularize your application. I will take you through the necessary steps to migrate your existing application step by step to a modularized application using Java 11. We'll go into details about how to write module descriptors ( and how to make your own minimal JRE you can distribute with your application. After a theoretical introduction, you will clone an application from github and work on your own laptop to modularize the application using the techniques I talked about. In the end you will make your own minimal JRE using jlink.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects

Participant requirements: A laptop with java 9,10 or 11 installed. A Java IDE you are familiar with and maven at least 3.5.0 but preferably 3.5.4. User must have Java pre-installed or have the privileges to install Java themselves on the laptop.