To be proven wrong is also a success - how Lean Product Development can increase value in your organisation.

Kjartan Storli

Alexander Strømme

Short workshop - in English

What would happen if we applied the scientific principle to product development and entrepreneurship? We know that more than 80% of new products fail, rarely because of technical flaws, but simply because there is no room in the market for the product. To put it in simple terms, too many bad ideas are implemented. In this workshop, we will discuss how we can implement a simple feedback loop to avoid many of the pitfalls we find in today´s organizations that tend to be focused on streamlining throughput instead of value. We do this by focusing on building testable hypothisis at each step in the process to avoid investing in the wrong features.

The workshop uses methods and techniques from Agile and Lean Startup and we will discuss both real world examples and work in groups to discuss how we can experiment more in our own organizations.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads, Project managers, Architects, UX specialists, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Designers

Participant requirements: Nothing