Let ReasonML fix JavaScript issues for you

David Kopal

Short talk - in English

Maybe you’ve already heard about ReasonML before. However, did you know it can help solve the day-to-day problems you’re encountering with JavaScript? It’s possible, since you can seamlessly incorporate Reason into your JavaScript code. By doing so, you’ll be able to free your code from the whole category of bugs you dearly know from JavaScript, thanks to Reason’s strong type system. You’ll see how the combination of types with pattern matching will turn your unsafe conditionals into predictable and declarative code. You’ll achieve this and much more without any external libraries since these features are available to you in Reason out of the box.

Join me, and see for yourself what value can Reason bring to you and your existing JavaScript codebase. We’ll take a look at the typical use cases which JavaScript fails to address. You’ll learn how Reason can help you solve such issues both elegantly, and in a more readable, type-safe way.