ReasonML meets GraphQL: perfect type safety?

David Kopal

Short talk - in English

Communication between the server and client is one of the most challenging things you need to deal with when developing a JavaScript app. To prevent unexpected errors, you need to know the exact structure of incoming data to the client. You can achieve using Flow or TypeScript and share your types between the server and client. However, it’s very tedious to achieve fully-typed app architecture using these external libraries. Fortunately, ReasonML is here and ready to help you out through its strong built-in type system. When combined with GraphQL, the client will be aware of the exact structure of the data coming from the server. This means 100% type safety covering the client, server, and network communication between them.

Join me, and learn how to write type-safe code using Reason and GraphQL. You’ll learn how to share the types between the server and client and how to ensure that the client always knows the exact structure of data coming from the server.