Type-directed development with JavaScript and ReasonML

David Kopal

Short talk - in English

Static typing with Flow or TypeScript is popular in JavaScript since it enables us to write safer code. However, you’ll get reliable type safety from these libraries only if you’re disciplined and understand the type system well. Fear not! Reason’s built-in type system is here and ready to help you out. You can rely on it 100% and it requires less maintenance. Moreover, you can automatically convert Reason’s types to Flow or TypeScript. This allows Reason’s integration into your existing JavaScript codebase to be easier since you’ll have a single source of truth for all your types. As a result, Reason and JavaScript developers will be able to use the same types during the development without any danger of incompatibility between them.

Join me, as we’ll compare Reason’s and Flow’s type systems. You’ll learn the differences between the two and how to combine them in a single project.