Introduction to HLS streaming

Aril Spetalen

Half-day workshop - in English

Video streaming technologies are nowadays everywhere, and HLS streams can be played on more or less all platforms. At NRK, HLS is the standard video streaming protocol, and this introduction aims at describing HLS basic internals through hands on exercises.

I will walk through streaming concepts, transcoding, segmentation and playlists at a level that should fit developers with little or no knowledge to begin with. We will start with creating a video with our mobile phones, transcode it to different quality levels, create streaming transport segments, and play them out with a media player. Finally, we will add subtitles to the video in two languages.

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Install ffmpeg and mpv (or an other) media player in advance, and you're ready to fly. The Chrome "Native HLS Playback" plugin could also come in handy.