What did PostgreSQL ever do for me?

Nils Norman Haukås

Half-day workshop - in English

A seasoned developer friend once told me, "just use Postgres. Whatever database technology you're considering, just use Postgres." This was two years ago when I was considering various well-funded, well-advertised and well-hyped database technologies. I eventually opted for Postgres, and it has since served me well in several projects.

In this workshop we will:

Write some fine SQL: I would argue that SQL abstractions come and go, but sql is forever. Start learning a timeless and transferrable skill, which is the structured query language.

Build and discuss database schemas: With data in our developer mittens, let's search for a good way to represent it in our database. What data types should we use and why? What indexes should we use and why? And because the world changes we need to look at how to evolve existing schemas searching for better representations. 

Debug queries: Stop guessing and start debugging. We'll learn to use Postgres's EXPLAIN and ANALYZE features to gain insight into our queries. 

I want to give back to Postgres by sharing some of my experience. I'll introduce you to Postgres and help you work effectively with this thirty year old, yet actively developed database technology.

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Please bring a laptop with Docker installed. Participants can also share laptops. Finally, you should bring a curiosity for databases and sql.