Issues and strategies related to joining a programming team

Ami Ahalpara

Lightning talk - in English

Joining a new programming team to work on an existing product is a situation programmers often find themselves in. In such a situation, becoming productive and delivering business value quickly is a formidable task due to lack of adequate domain knowledge to begin with, exposure to a new code base, getting tuned to a possibly new framework and perhaps to a new programming methodology. Some of the top priorities of a new team member are getting the necessary domain understanding, getting a grasp of the architecture and the reasoning behind the applied methodologies. As vital as all of this is, it cannot be reverse engineered solely by reading the code or the documentation. Based on my experiences gained through working with software companies in two countries and over a decade, I would like to present some of the relevant techniques to quickly arrive at a stage where the new recruit can make a meaningful contribution towards the evolution of the software.