Why design systems fail - and how not to fail with them

Tatiana Kolesnikova

Short talk - in English

A design system can increase development speed, help collaboration and improve product quality - that’s what is promised. But what about reality? A shiny design deliverable that has little connection with code? An awkward component library that is seldom used? Huge plans that are never prioritised?


Companies that try to implement design systems are different - but the problems they face are often the same. We will discuss the reasons of these problems and look into possible solutions. We will look at specific examples that worked in practice, but also analyse the fundamental principles that can help make design systems successful. What needs to be changed in collaboration between design and development? What parts of the system to approach first? How to connect building a design system with the rest of the development process? By the end of this talk you will know a little bit more about how to make the design system in your company live up to its great promises.