Lean Implementation of design system: five small steps towards one big goal

Tatiana Kolesnikova

Short workshop - in English

You all agree that a design system is a great idea, you are inspired by examples of others, but a suggestion “This year we will start building a design system of our own” does not excite your boss or your client? Or you have already started implementing it, but it is not finished and not really used? For many companies creating a design system becomes a huge side project that they are trying to run in addition to the main roadmap. And a huge product that does not become useful before it is finished.


We use lean approach when creating new solutions for the market, but when it comes to design systems a lot of us are still in waterfall era. In this talk we will show how design systems can be implemented the lean way. We will go through five steps that can be taken one by one. We will discuss what to begin with and what to leave for later depending on your product state and goals. We will show, how to establish the foundation that will begin bringing value straight away. We will see how to make the design system robust enough to be able to grow and evolve over time.  


You will learn:

  • How to find the MVP of a design system for your product;
  • How to tie building it in your regular work;
  • How to make a design system that is used by everyone from day one.


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Participant requirements: