Styleguide-Driven Development

Tatiana Kolesnikova

Short talk - in English

Design system - it is a buzzword for many, a goal for some, but a reality for very few. Why? Because a real design system is not just creating a UI kit and a component library. It is changing the way interface is architectured, way the front end code is organised and - most important - how teams collaborate. It can even affect back end architecture. Sounds like a huge task?


In this talk we will show how to set the process right: what changes should be made in the workflow, the responsibilities, the tools the team is using and in the mindset of its members. We will discuss how to introduce living styleguide-driven approach in an existing product and how to start with it from scratch. When and how should the team jump into it? Should it be done straight away, at the very start of the project? Is it too late when the product is already live? What to start with if it is redesign? And probably most difficult - how to sell this idea to the team and the product owners?


In this presentation you will learn:

  • What changes must be made in the team and the development process and how to minimise them;
  • How transition to SDD for an existing project differs from starting from scratch and why it matters;
  • Is it worth the effort: what value it brings to the team and to the product.