What to build first: MVP from idea to sprint plan

Tatiana Kolesnikova

Short talk - in English

Literally everyone in software development faces this question "What to build first?" Our answer is a step by step workflow of configuring the first release of a new product or feature. We go from initial prioritisation all the way to mockups and detailed sprints. The approach we suggest is elegant, scientific and proven by practice. It ensures that the release is really minimal, but at the same time complete and helps to solve user problems and reach business goals.

This talk shows how to join lean business principles, human-oriented design and agile development process. What to begin with and what can be left until stage two? How to make sure that we are building the absolute minimum, but not less? What will let us test product assumptions fast, but still delight the users? How to go from vision to actual plan for the whole team? We discuss all these and many other questions, looking at them from both design, business and development perspectives.

The focus of our workflow is on team collaboration but we do not try to make everyone a designer. Instead we show how to include different team members at the right time so that we build a product together, but still everyone is doing their own job.