Make goto good again!

Robin Aaberg

Short talk - in English

One year later, the customer sends in a support ticket.
You forgot the solution even existed. The name - VeryCentralAndImportantBankAccountTransactionVerifier

A very fuzzy memory of how it was held together. And an even fuzzier glimpse of something very important detail that kept it from falling apart. Yet not remembering exactly what that was.

The custommer says it is urgent. Your boss says it is urgent. Your gut feeling tells you it is urgent. But where is that code again? Wait, did we even document it? Where is the docs? And how do you deploy this thing after it's been fixed? The only thing you do remember is that it was not using any standard way of deploying - that's for sure.

Luckily, one year ago, you found a tool. A CLI tool that made you keep track of valuable urls and folders for the project. And let you be assured you would have them ready the next time you needed them. A tool that could take you to where you needed to be right now.

So you type in the terminal:

project account-verifier

And are now in the project context of this old very important thing.

Following up you type:

goto list

Which outputs:


"Oh, we had documentation!" You utter.
And immediately enter the command:

goto docs

Your browser now opens and shows you a Confluence Space - with relevant information about this solution. You read enough to understand and remember the problem is in the database api.

Suddenly, flashbacks from the past hits you and you remember that you used to go to the databasemanager web interface almost 20 times an hour. Those days you were debugging that silly issue. That time. You know what to do.

goto databasemanager

Again your browser opens, but this time to the web page that administrates the database. You forgot your login details. so you

goto docs

And searches for "credentials" -- find them and are now logging in.

1737 unread notifications and warnings hit your face.

You see a wrong setting, correct it - and jolt back to your terminal. It is time to enter the code!

goto subl

Sublime Text opens, your favorite editor. It opened into the folder in which the code for this project lays.

You see the bug - correct it. And now you want to deploy:

goto deploy

Browser opens, you remember the deployment process immidiately as the familar web interface comes back onto your monitor. And deploys.


So I made Goto, it is not fiction. It is a functional cli tool that really helps you create magic shortcuts for your projects in your terminal. And that takes you to where you need to be - when you need to be there.

You can read more about the actual tool here:

I plan to build the talk around the journey I went through to end up making this tool and how it helps developers and team to have a better day at work.

This talk will match the topics: Process, Programming and Fun Stuff.