The only constant is change. Evolution of Quality Assistance Model in Continuous Deployment World.

Bart Szulc

Short talk - in English

You probably heard abbreviation QA. You think it stands for Quality Assurance. Not in my case. For me QA stands for Quality Assistance. I will talk how testers role has been changing over past years. How we’ve become more of quality coaches, and how CD forces us to rethink our role even further.

The presentation will talk about my journey as a tester, and how it evolved over years and me together with it.This is not going to be a talk on Quality Assurance. I’m way passed that. This will be a talk on Quality Assistance. Working as a tester closely with multiple development teams. Teaching them exploratory testing, shifting responsibility for quality, improving test automation. I will discuss several activities and techniques that I’ve been using in my work to reach developers very early. Things like story kickoffs, feature kickoffs, quality demos, risk storming session. I will also discuss techniques assistant can employ to bridge the gap between developers and testers, like pair testing, pair programming, problem decompositions. All of this to ignite critical thinking, a bit of scepticism, and a passion of learning by testing in everyone, to make software better. I will also share how transition to continuous deployment looked from my perspective. Person who always been interested in preventing bad things from happening. Shifting to the very left of development to identify unknown unknowns and risks early. How easy access to production and continuous deploys help feed facts about product to development loop, help assess risk, and focus on things worth focusing on. I will also tell my about my experiences with monitoring and observability, and how anomaly detection won’t replace exploration, but will greatly help take a lot of burden from people. How I used to fear about the future and my role, and how I changed my stance, and embraced the future to become even better at my job.