Doublers in tests or automated tests in world of microservices.

Bart Szulc

Short talk - in English

Having problems with defining automated test strategy for your system built out of microservices? Heard about test doubles in unit testing but not sure how to apply the idea to your context and what tools to use? I will talk about Wiremock and how can it help you, while comparing it to Mockito.

Have you heard about mocking or test doubles? Have you ever implemented test double with Mockito while unit testing, but aren’t quite sure how the idea translates to world of microservices? I will present to you Wiremock, a tool that for the purpose of testing helps you replace real service with its programmable representation. What kind of problem Wiremock tries to solve? What are the risk behind relying on test doubles? What are the capabilities of the tool and how they’re comparable to Mockito. Those are all the questions I will try to address these using examples. Show you in code how a thing can be done in both Mockito and Wiremock. How mocking objects translates into mocking services. I will also discuss advanced features of Wiremock like proxy, custom transformations, failure injections. Also with examples. And won’t limit myself only to implementing automated tests for the tool, but also discuss how it can be used in supporting exploratory testing. Help one analyse the system that is being tested and change its behaviour.