Building your own Serverless Platform with Kubernetes

Hans Kristian Flaatten

Håvar Eggereide

Øyvind Randa

Half-day workshop - in English

Functions as a Service (FaaS) is reapidly becoming the next evolution of cloud computing after containerization. FaaS is often refered to “serverless” and has been popularized by the public cloud providers that all delivers some type of serverelss functionality such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions.

In any serverless framework there are two core components. The runtime responsible for executing the functions, and the events for invoking them. What makes a good serverelss framework is it's abilitiy to integrate with other systems and services using this event driven model.

In this wokrshop we will be looking at the different possibilities of running serverless worklods on top of Kubernetes and get some hands on experience with popular frameworks built specifically for running serverless functions in Kubernetes. We will set up a complete serverless environment where functions gets triggerede over a message bus when new files are uploaded to a object storage.

Primarily for: Developers, Architects, Product developers

Participant requirements: Laptop with the following tools installed: * Google Cloud Account (free trial) * GCloud CLI * kubectl CLI