How to get away with writing great code as an IT-consultant

Nils Norman Haukås

Lightning talk - in English

For over two years now I've been juggling clients and codebases as an IT-consultant at a digital agency named Netlife Design.

I've been yelled at, I've been on projects that have overrun their budgets and I've endured difficult project talks. It hurts but you learn to fix it, or you burn out and switch jobs. At its best this type of consulting work provide a thrillingly varied work week, at its worst you feel that you never get enough time to make the code right and the clients happy.

To help you survive as a developer IT-consultant I'll share advice on:

1. Disappointing the client early and frequently to ensure project success.

2. Deprecating status meetings by wrangling private messages into public channels.

3. Writing future-compatible code and harnessing a spider sense for failure.

With this, I aim to help you to achieve smooth(er) projects and maybe even get away with writing great code.