How interfaces invites to bad password practices

Cecilie Wian

Lightning talk - in English

Password policies try to force users to make more secure passwords, but instead of making passwords difficult for computers, policies leads to difficult passwords for users. Users struggle to remember passwords, leading them to use common phrases, shorten passwords, and reuse passwords. Making passwords even more insecure.

We know what people are bad at, but what are they good at?

In my presentation i will discuss why user interfaces invites to bad password practices, before moving on to talk about human skills that can be used to shape users actions into more secure behavior.

Key audience:

UX, security professionals, developers, testers

Take aways from the talk: 

Be aware of the weaknesses of current practices for password policies. 

Knowledge about how software interact with human skills

Knowledge about human traits that can be used to improve Human-Computer-Interactions, like registration forms