Fixing Broken Windows: Dealing with Legacy Systems, Poor Quality and Gaps

Dmitry Vinnik

Short workshop - in English

We all encountered a “Broken Window” theory in practice. The original idea was that if someone breaks a window in a neighbourhood and this window is not repaired right away, the entire area will start getting messier at an accelerated rate.

    The same theory can be applied to Software. How many times have you looked at a legacy system with no tests, and decided not to write any automation for your new features because ‘this is how it has always been“, or “nobody has done this before”? By referring to the bad practices which were established before, the system continues degrading the same way a nice neighborhood can turn into a ghost town.

    This workshop aims to show how these “Broken Window” systems can be tackled, and how such systems can be set on the right track to high quality.

The speaker will demonstrate from his past experiences how technical and testing gaps can be covered and what every team can implement in their process to start improving existing and future products.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads

Participant requirements: Laptops