Introduction to HoloLens development

Gry Nagel

Adrian Foster

Short workshop - in English

This workshop will give a hands-on introduction for developing application for HoloLens (Mixed Reality) in Unity. We will set up a Unity project for Mixed Reality and learn how to utilize the Mixed Reality Toolkit to create an application.

Workshop outline:

  • Quick introduction to Mixed Reality
  • Making sure development environment is set up
  • How to use the Mixed Reality Toolkit
  • Setting up a Unity project
  • Creating an application
  • Deploying to the HoloLens/HoloLens emulator

To install the required tools, check out this guide:

It would also be prefered if you download the mixed reality toolkit before the workshop to save time:

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: A developer laptop with pre-installed tools: Updated Windows 10 with developer mode turned on, Visual Studio, Unity, Windows 10 SDK, HoloLens emulator