Planet of the APIs

Isabel Maldonado

Catharina Hansen Berge

Short workshop - in English

New to API testing with Postman? Continue reading.

Is your team building application program interfaces (RESTful APIs)  faster than you can say “Ready for deployment” ?
Are you being asked to test them, or are you simply curious about how you can test APIs?

More and more APIs are made available, makes it possible for applications to share and correlate data in with ease. Services provided by the likes of Google, Yelp, Instagram and more gives us the opportunity to create user experiences limited only by the imagination. And coming soon is a real game-changer: PSD2, the EU directive driving banks to make their customer's financial data available to them through third-party applications.

Whether you are building an API or consuming it, more knowledge around API testing will be needed.  

Of the many different tools available out there that can be used to test APIs, we wish to focus on Postman. This lets you test APIs in a simple way and it is used by many developers. So why not learn what it is and how to use Postman?

In this workshop we will start from scratch going through what is HTTP response codes, JSON, API, etc. before we start playing around with Postman.

Primarily for: Tester/test leads, Others

Participant requirements: Laptop with Postman installed in advance. It is not necessarry to open an account.