Building a proof of concept of intelligent search for the The Norwegian Courts Administration

David Skålid Amundsen

Elin Langholm

Short talk - in English

How can you succeed with integrating machine learning in your solution? How do you get the customer on board? How do you build a team with the right skill set that can deliver? In this talk we want to tell you the story about how we did this and the challenges we had to overcome on the way so that you can do it too.

We built a proof of concept (PoC) of intelligent search for The Norwegian Courts Administration (Domstoladministrasjonen), where we use machine learning to personalise the search results. We will present how we worked internally, putting together people with different backgrounds and skill sets, and with the customer. We will also discuss our solution and the technology behind it, show a live demo, and talk about things we learned that can be useful for others making PoCs.

The talk will be given by Elin Langholm and David Skålid Amundsen.