Playing Lean 2

Olav Loen

Half-day workshop - in English

The board game Playing Lean was launched after a Kickstarter campaing in 2015 as a flight simulator for innovation and Lean Startup. In 2018 a new Kickstarter campain was launched to improve the game with bigger game board, new company building mechanincs and a new scenario (hospitality like AirBnB) based on Alexander Osterwalder's Value Proposition Design.

Join this workshop to play the new scenario with the new company building mechanics and learn more about Value Proposition Canvas.

Primarily for: Developers, Tester/test leads, Project managers, Architects, UX specialists, Security professionals, Product developers, Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Designers

Participant requirements: Curiosity and eager to experience Lean Startup in a flight simulator